Electrician in Wantirna: Reliable Service, Honorable Conduct, and the Highest Possible Value

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We’re a small business located throughout Melbourne, and we would like to be the one that everyone turns to when they’re searching for an electrician in Wantirna.

Electricians aren’t held in high regard by many these days. The reason for this is mostly has to do with how they handle quotes for perspective projects. They will often charge people a fee for the quote itself—so-called “callout fees” for having them come out and survey what a job will cost. Beyond that, the quote too often ends up being useless; they charge a lot more by the time the project comes to an end.

The electrical contractors and the electricians which make up Howelec are a bit different. We have never charged a single callout fee; all of our estimates are given at no cost. We also are always sure to give estimates that are straightforward and as close to the final cost as they possibly could be.

We try our best to meet the highest ethical, legal, and professional standards in everything we do. We also value people’s time and money, completing every job as fast and as efficiently as possible. It’s our philosophy that, if Howelec is successful going forward, it will be due to our honor, dependability, and competitive pricing. When you call Howelec, we come to your office or residence at the arranged time, never late, and give you and honest, accurate quote.

Why Hire Howelec?

Below, we’ve compiled a list of why we argue that Howelec is the better electrician in Wantirna.

  • Whether you call at night or lunchtime, you’re guaranteed a competitive rate.
  • When we estimate how much we’ll have to charge for a certain project, we do so for free, and we’re truthful about it.
  • Our people are never running late, and we will usually start on your project in 3 business days or less.
  • All Howelec employees must meet strict standards upon being hired, including being licensed, having the necessary certificates, and passing background checks.
  • We do business both with companies and with individuals.

Where Else can you Find Howelec?

We’ve been saying that we’re on a mission to be the preeminent electrician in Wantirna. That is true, but we’re also in much of the Eastern and Southeastern parts of Melbourne. The other suburbs that you can find us in are: Wantirna South, Kilsyth, Ringwood East, Ringwood proper, Nunawading, Westfield, Ferntree Gully, Heathmont, Glen Waverley, Wheelers Hill, Vermont, Knoxfield, and Knox.

Currently reside in Wantirna? Get out your phone and give Howelec a ring. We’ll be happy to swing by, take a look, and give you your free quote. Or, if you prefer, we can give a more general estimate over the phone.

As we said before, we do business with companies and with individuals. Some of our commercial services are putting in and fixing indoor lighting, putting in and maintaining parking lot lighting, installing lighting control panels, and equipment wiring. Some of our residential services are wiring for spas, pools, and hot tubs, grounding and serge protection for the entire house, putting in new outlets, installing ceiling fans, and fixtures, and a complete home inspection and correction of violations of the electrical code.