Electrician in Wantirna South: Let Howelec Be Your Community Electrician

Indoor lighting and electrical

Howelec wants to be your electrician in Wantirna South. Our contractors and electricians are dedicated to customer satisfaction, striving to provide reliable, high-quality service in the most efficient manner possible. We hold ourselves to the absolute highest standards, both in terms of the law and in how we conduct ourselves ethically. This has earned us a reputation as a company that values integrity, one that goes above and beyond in every job.

The profession of electrician has sort of a bad reputation right now. This is mostly because they have a habit of charging their customers a lot just for a quote, and because the job often ends up costing more than what was quoted anyway. This is where Howelec is different. We charge no fee for callouts, and we are always straightforward regarding what a given job is likely to cost. When you ask us for a quote, we’ll show up at your office or residence at the agreed-upon time, do an assessment of the job we will be doing, and give you an accurate estimation of the cost.

Here at Howelec, we are convinced that the ultimate success or failure of our company will be determined by how well we do the job, how reliable we are, how much value we offer, and how we treat our clients.

Why Hire Howelec?

Here is a list of reasons for making Howelec your electrician in Wantirna South.

  • We offer both residential and commercial services.
  • We give quotes for the projected cost of each job for FREE, and we strive to have those quotes be as accurate and straightforward as possible.
  • In order to provide our clients with the best value, our prices are always competitive.
  • We never start work more than three business days after being contracted.
  • We are never late to a job.
  • Certificates ensuring compliance to code are available for every bit of work.
  • Our highly qualified employees are all licensed and background checked

Where Else Can You Find Howelec?

Although we call ourselves the electrician in Westirna South, Howelec operates within much of East and Southeast Melbourne. The suburbs in which we service are Knox, Knoxfield, Westfield, Ferntree Gully, Kilsyth, Wheelers Hill, Ringwood and Ringwood East, Nunawading, Vermont, Heathmont, and Glen Waverley.

If you have reservations, just make a quick call. We’ll provide you with rough estimate of how much we would charge for the job you need done. Or you can have us come by to give a quote.

As we said, Howelec provides services to both individual homeowners and commercial businesses. For homeowners, some examples of these services would be checking for code violations, electrical renovation, total home rewiring, the installment of emergency necessities, such as CO2 detectors, smoke alarms, and security systems, and wiring for pools, spas, and tubs. For businesses, some examples would be the addition of new electrical outlets, the troubleshooting and repair of electrical wiring, wiring for business equipment and machines, the installing of both indoor and outdoor lighting, and ongoing maintenance of the lighting for parking lots.